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Why Social Media Intelligence (SMI)? Why now?

SMI goes beyond analytics and social signals. It converts social media data into powerful actionable insights. An SMI professional uses AI and cutting-edge tools to analyze conversations, respond to social signals and synthesize social data for decision-making.

Social media analytics market expected to cross USD 25Bn1 by 2026. Professionals with SMI expertise command upto $84,0002 per year.

1. Practitioner’s Curriculum

The industry focused curriculum of this 6 months immersive program helps you build practical skills to use proven research methodologies for effective social media analysis and intelligence.

Program Orientation

  • Course outcomes
  • Course logistics
  • Brief theory and examples about Social media analysis and CSS

Introduction to Social Network Analysis

  • Data attributes (Twitter and Reddit)
  • Quantitative distributions
    • Finding influencers using follower/following counts
    • Time series distributions
    • Detecting anomalies (Virality detection)
  • Language Analysis
    • Pre-processing: Tokenization, Stop words (Custom stop words using tf-idf), Stemming and Lemmatization
    • Word Clouds and Chatter Plots
    • Topic modeling
    • Introduction to Code switch and Code mix data
  • Network Analysis
    • Building Network (Nodes, edges, edge properties)
    • Visualizing Networks
    • Network topology and what they can mean in social networks
    • Centrality metrics and inference with respect to social networks: Page Rank - Popularity, Betweenness - Community Gatekeepers, Degree - Reach
    • Community detection
  • Social Media Marketing 101
    • Tools for social media analysis: TweetDeck, Bufferly and other listening tools

Security on Social Media

  • Trust, credibility, & fake news on social media
    • Evolution of the term fake news (Eg. Credibility-Hoax-Rumor-Fake News-Misinformation-Disinformation)
    • Defining different terminology mentioned above
    • Types of fake news
    • Different ways by which problem is tacked
      • Detection (Content and context based)
      • Propagation
      • Intervention
  • Spam, phishing, frauds, hate crime, abuse, extremism via online social media

Privacy on Social Media

  • Information privacy disclosure, revelation, and its effects in online social media
  • Privacy on social media: challenges, implication, opportunities
  • Tracking social footprint/identities across different social network
    • Attribute based - Matching is done based on metadata like username, photo, DOB, check-ins, etc.
    • Language based - Language models are used to identify users based on writing styles
    • Network based - Network features of two networks are compared to identify node representing the same user.
  • Collateral damage due to information leakage
  • Consumer behavior, analytics & applications
  • Effective and usable privacy setting and policies on online social media

Ethics, Bias on Online Social Media

  • Broader definition of Ethics & Bias in technology space
  • Ethics & Bias related to online social media
  • Studies (online social and otherwise) that had questionable ethical methodologies

Computational Social Science on Online Social Media

  • Computer Science and Social media as a tool to conduct social science research
    • New data collection frontiers: Online user studies, historic social media data
    • Mass collaborations
    • Large scale (potentially global) experiments
  • Examples of using Sociology and Psychological theories to decide research directions
  • Multimodal Classification of social media data (taught via use cases of CSS)
    • NLP + large language models
    • Computer vision and CNNs
    • Graph Neural Network
  • Causal Experiment design
    • Causation vs Correlation
    • Basics of causal inference
      • Treatment and control
      • Effect
      • Confounders and Covariates
  • Randomized control trials
  • Methods
    • Propensity score
    • Regression discontinuity
    • Difference in Difference
    • Survival analysis and CoX regression
    • Double ML
  • Challenges while using social media data
    • Text as a confounder
    • Platform dynamics as a confounder
    • Accounting of unavailable data
  • Hybrid methods - User studies + Computational analysis

2. Most Preferred Format

  • Interactive Live Sessions With hackathons and capstone projects
  • Expert Faculty Taught by top IIITH Faculty and thought leaders
  • Hands-On Labs Apply concepts with
    real data
  • Get Alumni Status Become an IIIT H alumni and network with peers
  • Campus Visit Experience the prestigious
    IIITH campus
  • Executive Friendly 6-month flexible learning

3. IIIT Hyderabad Advantage

Expert Faculty

Learn from industry leaders and accomplished faculty with research credentials from top educational institutions across the globe.

Program Director
Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru "PK" Professor IIITH, Associate Researcher IIT Madras, ACM Distinguished Member, TEDx Speaker & Angel Investor

Research Expertise: Social Computing, Computational Social Science, Cyber Security

Prof. PK is an Alumnus of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, USA and BITS Pilani, India. Before joining IIITH, he spent a decade teaching computer science at IIIT Delhi. There, he was a part of founding team of Precog, a research group focusing on social media data analysis, security and privacy. He also helped co-found Backpack Labs, a modern, integrated and easy-to-use learning platform which enables college instructors take their classrooms online. He has also worked (mostly summer sabbaticals) as Researcher with leading organizations like IBM, Adobe, Data Security Council of India and Koo India. Besides being an academician, he is a distinguished member of ACM, a noted TEDx Speaker, and an Angel Investor.


  • Largest CS Research Group
    in India
  • #2 in All India Best Engineering Colleges - India Today
  • #1 Private University in India - Education World India Higher Education Rankings for 2022 - 23
  • Recognized by Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievement(ARIIA) 2021 - GoI

Over the years, IIIT Hyderabad has evolved strong research programs in various areas, emphasizing technology and applied research for industry and society. The institute facilitates interdisciplinary research and a seamless flow of knowledge. Several world-renowned centres of excellence are part of IIITH’s research portfolio. It has established various joint collaboration and co-innovation models with an industry outreach spanning significant national and multinational companies. For more information please visit www.iiit.ac.in

Is this program ideal for me?

Yes, if you are

  • A professional interested in building expertise in Social Media Intelligence
  • A professional working in roles such as OSINT (Open source intelligence) Analysts, Social Media Analysts, Fact Checkers, Intelligence Professionals, Law Enforcement Professionals, Journalists, Research Professionals, Headhunters/Recruiters


  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum 50% marks
  • Minimum 1 year of professional experience

How can I enroll for this program?

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  • Selection

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    IIITH Committee*

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*Selection for the program will be done by IIITH and is strictly based on the education, work experience, and motivation of the participants.

**Scanned copies to be submitted within 7 days 1. Education Certificate 2. Experience Letter/Latest Pay Slip

What is the return on my investment?

Become one of the elite professionals to

  • Use cutting-edge social media intelligence tools
  • Gather critical intelligence on brand performance
  • Detect emerging trends, enhance customer engagement

Enable your organisation to drive business value

  • Enhance the brand’s social media presence
  • Streamline social media marketing operations
  • Secure the brand’s social media reputation

program Fee

Details 6 Months program
Program Fee* ₹2,00,000/-

12-Month 0% EMI available Nominate your employees to avail special benefits *GST as applicable

(i) Application Fee of ₹1,000, and
(ii) Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to

  • Use cutting-edge social media intelligence tools
  • Gather critical intelligence on brand performance
  • Detect emerging trends, enhance customer engagement

On the organizational front, you will be able to

  • Enhance the brand’s social media presence
  • Streamline social media marketing operations
  • Secure the brand’s social media reputation

You will learn from eminent IIITH faculty who are acknowledged experts in social media analytics, social network analysis, AI/ML and Cyber Security. Meet your faculty here.

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