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Global IoT market is projected to reach
US $1.3 Trillion by 2026

India is estimated to have 15 Million
new jobs created in IoT alone

6 Reasons Why This Program Gives You An Edge

  • Global Certification
    From IIIT Hyderabad with India’s
    largest CS Research Group

  • Experiential Learning with IoT Kit
    To create, test and validate
    your IoT ideas

  • Most Effective Learning Format
    With Interactive Live Classes, Capstones
    and Hackathons

  • Learn from the Best
    From Expert Faculty and Peers
    from Top Organizations

  • Smart City Advantage
    Exceptional projects may get tested
    and deployed at the Living Lab

  • Project Implementation
    Build & Deploy IoT Projects
    on Real-Time Basis

IoT in the Real-World

  • Smart City
    Enhanced urban life with healthier environment and improved public safety
  • Intelligent Industry
    Leverage IoT to optimize production line for better productivity
  • Precision Agriculture
    Increasing the farm’s economic and environmental sustainability
  • Smart Grids
    Energy systems updated with communications technology to drive smarter resource use
  • Autonomous Vehicles
    Automates driving functions, controls vehicle operations and avoids accidents
  • Connected Buildings
    Making disparate building systems connected and controlled via a single operating system

Top IoT Career Opportunities for Professionals

  • IoT Architect
  • IoT Analyst
  • IoT Big Data Consultant
  • IoT Escalation Engineer
  • IoT Product Development
  • IoT Engineer
  • Product Validation Architect - IoT
  • IoT Infrastructure Architect
  • IoT Platform Developer
  • IoT Lead
  • Senior Consultant IoT
  • IoT Product Developer
  • IoT Application Developer
  • IoT Embedded Engineer
  • IoT Test Architect
  • And more..

About the Program

The global IoT market is projected to reach US$ 1.3 trillion by 2026 (Fortune). However, the growth of IoT must be seen in the context of its potential when used in combination with other technologies like AI/ML and Big Data. The existing installed base of 5 Bn plus smartphones, 2 Bn plus personal computers, and 1 Bn plus tablets, when connected, indicate a massive market for IoT transformation.

Though IoT projects are top of priority for organizations, nearly 75% of them take twice as long to complete because of IoT talent shortage, according to Gartner. The industry needs professionals with expertise in the technologies and processes around IoT to fulfill its ambitions of interconnectivity.

The PG Certificate in IoT and Smart Analytics enables tech professionals and select fresh graduates to build expertise in these disruptive technologies from IIIT Hyderabad, among India's top-ranked engineering and research institution.

The program is best suited for

tick-iconCurrent IoT engineers looking to ride the latest tech wave

tick-iconTech professionals aiming for career transition into sectors with heavy IoT adoption

tick-iconManagers and leaders who want to leverage IoT data to derive business value

tick-iconGraduates actively looking forward to start their careers in IoT and allied areas

The program brings hands-on learning experience through Faculty-led Interactive LIVE Sessions, Hackathons, Capstone Projects, Master Mentors and an exceptional Peer Group. Participants will be provided with a Comprehensive Kit for hands-on learning. Outstanding projects might get the opportunity to be tested and deployed at the prestigious IIIT Hyderabad Living Lab.


Offered in collaboration with IIIT Hyderabad

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    First IIIT
    in India

  • cs-developers

    Smart City
    Living Lab

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IIITH is an autonomous university and the first IIIT in India. IIITH is presently ranked one of the best institutions in the country in technical education. Several world-renowned Centres of Excellence are part of IIITH’s research portfolio. It has established joint collaboration and co-innovation models with an industry outreach spanning significant national and multinational companies.

IIITH Living Lab: Where Theory Meets Practice

Outstanding projects from this program may get access to India’s one-of-a-kind IIITH Living Lab, a user-centered, iterative, open-innovation ecosystem. The Living Lab enables expertise in IoT for research and deployment, generates data for research, and provides a test bench for IoT based implementations. It is a live setup of a building, campus or facility that gets used for its intended purposes along with being a ‘living’ test bed for research and innovation. All data coming from the Living Lab is used to develop or validate new solutions and can be tested in the same live setup.

This program provides a unique opportunity for select participants to put their learning to the test in a live setting, thus enhancing the practical outcomes. They can use the Living Lab to test and deploy their projects, prepare product pitches to angel investors, and assess the product-market fit of their MVP.

Glimpses of the Embedded Projects by IIITH Smart City Living Labyt-icon

Learn from Leaders

The program brings an impressive faculty group of accomplished Academicians, Entrepreneurs and Industry Professionals bearing academic accreditation from premier institutions.

M.E, Anna University, Guindy

Prof. Ramesh looks over Co-innovations at IIIT Hyderabad. He has previously worked as an IT professional for more than two decades mainly, in the areas of R&D - Technology Products and Innovation Leadership. His research interests include Software Engineering, Innovation Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Program Director
Ph.D., Aalto University, Finland

Assistant Professor and Coordinator - Center of Excellence on IoT for Smart Cities at IIIT Hyderabad. He is a representative of IIITH to the Telecommunication Standards Development Society of India (TSDSI). His research interests include Next Generation Wireless Communication Systems: 5G and Beyond, IoT and Cognitive Radios.

Ph.D., NUS, Singapore

Assistant Professor at Computer Systems Group, IIIT Hyderabad. Before joining IIIT Hyderabad, he worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in premier universities across USA, Germany and Denmark. His research interests include Scalable Design and Performance Analysis of Edge-based IoT systems, Analysis and Scheduling of Real-Time Distributed Systems/Cyber-Physical Systems and Fault Tolerant System Design.

Ph.D., IIT Delhi

Professor and Head of Center for IT in Building Science at IIIT Hyderabad. His research interests include Task Control of Lighting, Heating and Air-conditioning, Smart Occupancy Sensors, Smart homes and Cool Roofs.

Ph.D., KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Assistant Professor at Center for VLSI and Embedded Systems Technologies. Before switching his career to academics, he has worked with leading companies like PwC and Analog Devices. He also worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University between 2017 - 2018. His research interests include Flexible & Stretchable Electronics, IoT, Smart City Research and LoRaWAN Devices.

TalentSprint Program Mentors and Faculty

Ph.D. (Pursuing), Lovely Professional University, Punjab

Mahendra is an IoT-based Software Application Developer at Vdeal System Pvt Ltd, an Industrial Automation solutions providing organization in India. Earlier, he worked as an Assistant Professor in the School of Electronics and Electrical engineering at Lovely Professional University. He holds five patents to his credit. His research interests include IoT, Embedded Systems, and Machine Learning.

B.E, Jorhat Institute of Science & Technology, Assam

Amrit is an Experienced Independent IoT Developer who has worked on various IoT and Industrial IoT-based projects across India and abroad. With an illustrated portfolio on Fiverr, his projects include Energy Monitoring System, Waste Management and its real-time Monitoring with Location, Machine Monitoring System for CNC Machines, Production Line Monitoring for an Oil Production Plant, Circuit Designing, and more. His area of expertise lies in Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, and Industrial Automation.

M. Tech, GGITS Jabalpur

Shubham is Co-Founder & Managing Director at Clikofy Technologies, a company known for providing user-friendly home automation solutions across India. Shubham holds expertise in Power Electronics, Circuit Design, SMD and THT Assembly, 3D Design and Printing, Microcontroller Systems, and Solar PV Modelling and Simulation.


Part 1: Foundation Building Modules with Simple Experiments

To build foundations for understanding IoT

Module 0

  • General IoT Introduction
    Work on IoT at IIITH
  • Basic
  • Embedded Programming basics: C++, Pointers, OOPs
  • Arduino IDE,

Module 1: Sensor and Actuators

  • Introduction
    to Transducers
  • Sensor
  • Actuators
  • Sensor Module - from Transducer to the output - Filters, Amplifiers
  • ADCs,
  • Interfacing
    Sensor Modules
  • Wired

Module 2: Microcontroller and Programming

  • Arduino
  • AVR, SAM, ESP32,
    Pentinum, Multicore
  • Memory,
    NVM types
  • Interrupts, Timers on
    Arduino, ESP32, etc.
  • Battery
  • Bringing it together: Sensor, Actuator, Controller

Module 3: Communication Networks

  • Communication
    and Networking

Module 4: Cloud Computing and Data Analytics

  • Edge, Fog and Cloud Computing - Principles, Architectures and Applications
  • Data security - IoT Security Threats, Security Frameworks for IoT Data Privacy
  • Data Types, Characteristics of
    Big Data, Data Flow

Module 5: Machine Learning for IoT

  • Classification using Support Vector Machine, Bayesian Models
  • Decision
  • Ensemble
  • Applications
    of ML in IoT

Part 2: Application and Project-oriented Modules

To build an in-depth understanding of IoT with Projects
  • Communication Technologies based Project
  • Embedded
  • Specifics of
    Project Deployment
  • Data
  • Project

Note: While an applicant can choose to enrol for only Part 1 and exit after that with advanced certification, we strongly encourage completion of both parts to build a deeper expertise in the subject.

Participant Profile

From Diverse Job Roles

Application Development Analyst
Assistant Manager
Associate Director
Assistant Robotic Engineer
Chief Product Officer
General Manager
Project Leader
IT Analyst
IT Support Engineer
Senior Data Analyst
Senior Software Engineer
Sr. Advisory Engineer
Technical Instructor
Vice President
Verification Engineer
Senior Analyst
Scrum Master
Technical Manager
Principal Research Engineer
Delivery Architect
Senior Delivery Specialist
Web Operations Manager
Wing Commander

From Top Organizations

Advansoft International
Aker Solutions
Boston Consulting Group
Citrix Systems
DXC Technology
Groupe Renault
Tata Steel Limited
Reliance Jio

From Across Indian Cities



Find out why professionals want to join the program

"My current profile involves around working on IoT based solutions. The hands-on curriculum will help me stay updated with the latest happenings in IoT and Smart Analytics industry." Vemulapalli Murali Krishna, Telecommunication

"As an early career professional with an engineering degree in Instrumentation, I have a basic understanding of sensors, transducers used in our daily life machines and instruments. This program will help me build the expertise needed to succeed in the IoT industry." Rajabattula Anudeep, Consulting

"This hands-on program will help me in two ways. It will make me capable of working on sensors, actuators, embedded programming, enhancing my role as a robotics engineer in my present company. Second, getting mentored at the prestigious IIITH and under esteemed Faculty will add value to my learning experience." Sashank T, IT & Software

"This program will equip me with a profound knowledge of the IoT domain, IoT architecture, and use cases. This will help me realize my dream of setting up a firm that develops Smart devices, including Smart locks, HR Smart IoT analytics, and Smart charging stations for eV." Vipin Kolani, IT & Software

"Building IoT expertise coupled with the IIITH Certification will help me take my career forward." Swapnajit Banerjee, Technology Solutions / IT & Software

"My curiosity about how the electronic components can enable several use cases in the healthcare and infrastructure domain, using analytics and programming knowledge, has led me to apply for this program." Tarun Mannepalli, Consultancy

"I want to develop IoT-enabled products that farmers can use to improve their agricultural activities and IoT-enabled products that everyday people can use to monitor their health." Venu Kollapudi, IT & Software

"I have enrolled in this program to get hands-on development experience in creating an IoT product from scratch." Sandeep M, Energy

Note: These are edited versions based on the details submitted by various programme applicants.

Interactive Online Classes

  • Interactive Sessions
  • Convenient Schedule
  • Direct to Device

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IoT Real World

What should you expect from this Program?

  • Build and DeployIoT based applications
  • LearnFrom world-class faculty and professionals
  • ReinforceLearning by applying concepts
  • Get CertifiedWith Industry-acclaimed Certification from IIITH Outreach Division
  • Get Alumni StatusOf IIIT Hyderabad Executive Education

Career Accelerator

  • Compelling Profile
    Build a compelling professional profile
    with a DeepTech edge
  • Priority Career Access
    Get priority access to career
    opportunities in the industry
  • Elite Community
    Become a member of an exclusive
    community of DeepTech experts
  • Startup Mentorship
    Boost your startup ideas with
    professional mentorship

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Education: B.E./B.Tech or equivalent degree.

Professional Experience: Tech professionals with basic programming experience and an interest in IoT and hardware automation

Exceptional Fresh Graduates: Aspiring to start their tech career in IoT. Applicants will have to appear for a selection test as part of the enrollment process. Only limited seats available.

Your IoT Expertise Building Journey

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    By sharing your education and professional details

  • Wait for

    By program selection

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    By Remitting the Registration

  • Enrol for the

    By Remitting the
    Full Program Fee

  • Start Building
    IoT Expertise

    Under the mentorship
    of top Faculty

  • Get Certified by
    IIIT Hyderabad

    India’s first IIIT with a state-of-the-art Smart City Living Lab

Fee with Flexible Payment Options

Details Domestic Participants International Participants
Program Fee
With Early Bird Scholarship
Program Kit ₹30,000 $500

18-Month 0% EMI available. Please contact your Relationship Manager for details.GST as applicable

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