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Classes Start in September 2021

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6 Reasons Why Professionals Prefer this Program

  • IIIT Hyderabad

    Certification from
    #1 ML Lab
  • Most-Preferred Learning Format
    Faculty-led Interactive Live Classes + Mentored Labs
  • Exceptional Peer Group
    From top
  • Practitioner's

    With Industry Projects
    and Hackathons
  • India's Top Faculty
    From IIIT Hyderabad ML Lab
  • TalentSprint

    pracademic platform

Hiring for AI roles has been growing at 74% annually

AI Specialist ranked as the #2 top emerging job in India and #1 in the US.

AI would be the bedrock of the era of connected mobility, automation and Industry 4.0.

By 2023, at least 50% of enterprise applications will have embedded AI functionality built within the system.

Top 10 tech jobs that involve AI Skills

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Deep Learning Engineer
  • Sr. Data Scientist
  • Data Scientist
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Algorithm Developer
  • Jr. Data Scientist
  • Developer Consultant
  • Director of Data Science
  • Lead Data Scientist
  • And more

About Program

Advanced Certification in AI/ML is a 6 months in-depth and comprehensive program. It enables working professionals from around the world to build AI/ML expertise from India's top Machine Learning Lab at IIIT Hyderabad. The program is led by collaborative faculty from academia, industry and global bluechip institutions. The unique 5-step learning process of masterclass lectures, hands-on labs, mentorship, hackathons, and workshops ensure fast-track learning. There is also an option to upgrade to PG Certificate by adding a 3 Month Project on completion of the Advanced Certificate.

Offered in collaboration with India's #1 AI Research Center
and ML Lab

  • First IIIT
    in India

  • #1 in AI Research
    in India

  • Largest CS Research
    Group in India

  • #1 in Robotics
    Research in Asia

Kohli Center on Intelligent Systems (KCIS) at IIIT Hyderabad was established in 2015 to give a fillip to research, teaching and entrepreneurship in the Broad Intelligent Systems Area. It has the #1 rated Machine Learning Lab in India and acts as an umbrella organization at the institute to both strengthen the existing groups and facilitate new activities in related areas. It also acts as a force multiplier in attracting projects and funding from the government and industry sectors, coordinating research in related domains across different IIIT Hyderabad centers, as well as in the institute's research collaboration with other academic institutions in the country. For more information please visit www.iiit.ac.in

Let’s Talk AI

IIIT Professor Develops AI-based Covid-19 Transmission Model

  • Chatbot and AI

  • AI Powered Biometrics

  • 3D Computer Vision

Learn from Leaders

  • C. V. Jawahar
    Professor, IIIT Hyderabad

    C. V. Jawahar received his Ph.D. from Indian
    Institute of Technology Kharagpur. He is the
    Machine Learning Lab Head, Dean (RnD) and
    Amazon Chair Professor at IIIT Hyderabad. He is
    a renowned expert in Machine Learning and
    Optimization, Document Image Analysis, and
    Computer Vision.

  • Anoop Namboodiri
    Associate Professor, IIIT Hyderabad

    Anoop Namboodiri received his Ph.D. in
    Computer Science from Michigan State University,
    USA. He is associated with the Centre for Visual
    Information Technology. His research interests
    include Pattern Recognition, Biometrics,
    Document Understanding, and Computer Vision

  • Ravi Kiran
    Assistant Professor, IIIT Hyderabad

    Ravi Kiran received his Ph.D. from the Department
    of Computational and Data Sciences, Indian
    Institute of Science, Bangalore. His research areas
    include Computer Vision, Machine Learning,
    Virtual Reality, Robotics, Affective Computing,
    Document Analysis and Multimedia.

  • Vineet Gandhi
    Assistant Professor, IIIT Hyderabad

    Vineet Gandhi received his Ph.D. in Applied
    Mathematics and Computer Science from INRIA
    Rhone Alpes/University of Grenoble. His research
    areas include Computer vision and multimedia,
    human detection and tracking, computational
    photography and cinematography, depth
    reconstruction and applications.

  • Asokan Pichai
    Chief Learning Officer, TalentSprint

    Asokan is an Industry Instructor, Instructional
    Designer, and Programming Guru, with a solid
    software development experience of over 35 years.
    He is an early adopter of open-source software.
    He has acted as a consultant in the FOSSEE
    project at IIT Bombay. He also launched India's
    first successful and profitable city portal.

  • Avinash Sharma
    Assistant Professor, IIIT Hyderabad

    Avinash Sharma received his Ph.D. in Applied
    Mathematics from INP Grenoble and INRIA
    Rhone-Alpes. His research areas include 3D Human
    Reconstruction, 3D Point Cloud Generation and
    Analysis, Spectral Graph Analytics, Brain Graph
    Analytics, GraphSLAM in Robotics.

  • Manish Shrivastava
    Assistant Professor, IIIT Hyderabad

    Manish Shrivastava received his Ph.D. in Computer
    Science from Indian Institute of Technology
    Bombay. His research areas include Natural
    Language Processing, Machine Learning,
    Machine Translation, NLP for India Languages.

  • Vikram Pudi
    Associate Professor, IIIT Hyderabad

    Vikram Pudi received his Ph.D. in Data Mining
    from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. His
    research areas include Data Mining, Artificial
    Intelligence, Database Systems and Pattern

  • Praveen Paruchuri
    Associate Professor, IIIT Hyderabad

    Praveen Paruchuri received his Ph.D. in Computer
    Science from University of Southern California,
    USA. His research areas include Artificial
    Intelligence, Multi-agent Systems, Game Theory,
    Applied Machine Learning and Intelligent

  • Naresh Manwani
    Assistant Professor, IIIT Hyderabad

    Naresh Manwani received his Ph.D. in Machine
    Learning and Pattern Recognition from Indian
    Institute of Science, Bangalore. His research
    areas include Machine Learning, Data Mining,
    Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing,
    statistical learning theory, online learning
    and reinforcement learning.

  • Girish Varma
    Assistant Professor, IIIT Hyderabad

    Girish Varma received his Ph.D. in Computational
    Complexity theory from Tata Institute of
    Fundamental Research, Mumbai. His research
    areas include Complexity Theory and Algorithms,
    Combinatorics, Computer Vision, Transportation &
    Autonomous Navigation and Machine Learning.


**Strengthen your foundations in Math and Programming for your DeepTech learning journey. Know More

Learn to translate real-world problems in terms of AI/ML abstractions.

  • Formulating Real World Problems for AI/ML
  • Intuitive and Simple Algorithms
  • Data Processing and Visualization
  • Representation of Real World Data
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Classification and Regression Problems
  • End-to-end Problem Solving

Learn about and apply standard AI/ML algorithms to create AI/ML applications.

  • Principles and Practice of ML
  • Linear Algorithms, Training and Optimization
  • Non-linear Solutions and MLP
  • Gradient Descent and Backpropagation
  • Decision Trees, Random Forests and Ensembles
  • Support Vector Machines and Kernels

Implement practical solutions using Deep Learning Techniques.

  • Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Auto-Encoders
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Overview of Advanced Topics
  • Human In the Loop Solutions, Deployment
  • Generative Adversarial Networks


Building a domain agnostic chatbot which can be configured to perform actions such as ticket booking, a restaurant reservation or even choosing a laptop.

Speech-Based IVRS

Building a voice-based food ordering application that is trained to handle voice recognition in a noisy environment by harnessing the power of machine learning.

Phone Unlocking with
Anti-face Spoofing

Building a phone unlocking app, using deep learning algorithms, to verify a registered face. An app that is secured against spoofing by identifying the change in expression.

What should you expect from this Program?

  • BuildBuild and deploy AI/ML and Deep Learning Apps
  • LearnLearn from the world class faculty and professionals
  • ReinforceReinforce learning by applying concepts
  • CertificateObtain an Advanced/PG Certification from
    IIIT Hyderabad ML Lab
  • AlumniGet Alumni Status of IIIT Hyderabad Executive Education
AIML Certificate

Career Accelerator

  • Compelling Profile
    Build a compelling professional profile with a DeepTech edge
  • Priority Career Access
    Get priority access to career opportunities in the industry
  • Elite Community
    Become a member of an exclusive community of DeepTech experts
  • Startup Mentorship
    Boost your startup ideas with professional mentorship

Know More


  • Tech Professionals with at least 1 year work experience and coding background
  • Strengthen your foundations in Math and Programming through the Bridge Module by TalentSprint.

Your AI/ML Journey

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  • Start Building
    AI/ML Expertise

    From March 2021

  • Get Certified by IIIT Hyderabad ML Lab

    By September 2021

Participant Speak

“The Program content is well designed and delivered
at par excellence. A-must-go-to Program for an IT professional.”
Joginder Singh, Program Manager, Qualcomm

“The IIIT Hyderabad faculty is simply superb and competent to
teach AI and Machine Learning”
Sridhar Chilla, Lead Consultant, British Telecom

“It is about the collaboration & networking that
this Program brings to the table.”
Krishna Chilamkurthy, Program Manager, Microsoft

  • “Overall structure didn't overwhelm,
    considering some of us haven't been coding for a while.”
    Saritha, Sr. Technical Manager, Netcracker

    “The Program has been brilliantly structured in a way
    that even a beginner can easily understand AI concepts.”
    Kandula Andula Lakshmi Chaya, Manager, R&D, Broadcom

    “Structured curriculum with industry projects
    and hackathons makes this course very effective.”
    Swaroop Shivaram, Principal Engineer, Target

    “The best thing that's happened to me in the last few decades.”
    Yunis Ahmad, Senior Director, Netenrich

    “The Program offers a great pool of information and it is
    impressive that I could absorb so much in a short duration.”
    Om Prakash Jaiswal, Senior Software Engineer, Opentalk

Participant Profile

  • 2500+Participants working with 750+ Companies

  • 70%Participants with over 5 Years of Experience

  • 19%Women Participants

  • 30%From Startups and Small Companies

    Job Profile

  • 12%Leaders

  • 27%Managers

  • 27%Analysts

  • 34%Developers

From Top Organizations

Bank of America
CA Technologies
DXC Technology
Genuitec LLC
Hewlett Packard
Hitachi Consulting
Hyundai Mobis
JPMorgan Chase
NTT Data
OLA Cabs
Schneider Electric
Tech Mahindra
United Health Group
Wells Fargo
Zensar Technologies

Find out why professionals want to join the program

"As a Sr. Corporate Delivery Leader, I'm familiar with the changing technological trends and urgent need of digitisation. I have also been involved in many digital transformation programs myself but couldn't dive deep. This program will help me build the depth and meet my career objectives."
Gopinath Chappidi, Software & IT

"The role of AI in combat forces is increasing. I have enrolled for the program to build the necessary expertise."
Govind, Defense

"My current role requires working closely with and managing teams of ML, and data analytics professionals. This program will help me give a firm footing and also enable me become a Product Owner."
Sashikanth Meduri, Fashion

"There are numerous opportunities for leveraging the AI and ML technologies in modernizing the space of healthcare. With this program, I will be able to drive the initiatives we are planning in my organization."
Y Sadguru Murthy, Healthcare

"As a Tech Lead on Automation, I belive Automation integrated with AI will be powerful. Lack of knowledge on AI restricted me to unlock this power. I look forward to ganing in-depth understanding and build high-impact real-world automation applications."
Suresh Adapa, Software & IT

"I am a Product Manager in a leading global firm, working on mobile products to incorporate customer-centric, AI-driven features and solutions. I realize that AI will become a cornerstone of our products in the next 2-3 years. I wish to lead my organization's transition towards incorporating AI in our products."
Sanjay Joshi, Software & IT

"With my experience in Business Intelligence and Data Engineering, I believe we are currently in the midst of an AI/ML revolution that will drastically change our lives. In the light of such developments, I have been looking to learn AI\ML but couldn't find a suitable program that is in-depth and comprehensive as IIIT-H curriculum. I'm excited at the prospect of advancing my long-term career to such a dynamic, fast-advancing field and hope to have the expertise necessary to lead our industry to a new era."
Srikanth Chintagari, Software & IT

"I have been working in the VFX industry for 14 years and have had the privilege to work with some of the leading studios in the world that involves many high profile Hollywood feature films. In recent times I noticed there is a lot of scope for AI and ML in my field. I want to learn and keep myself ready for future trends."
Murthy Putrevu, Software & IT

"As a Development Architect with over decade experience in ERP, CX & Industry Solutions, I see the role of AI/ML technologies adding value to business processes, products and applications.Would like to be part of this growing trend and be in the driver seat."
Hari Narayanan, Software & IT

"In my current role, I am involved in the process of building a Data Science team to offer Advanced Analytics solutions to our internal business partners. With this program, I will be able to complement my skill set, and lead Advanced Analytics initiatives across the enterprise."
Gangadhar Sunku, Software & IT

Note: These are edited versions based on the details submitted by various program applicants.

DeepTech Labs: Boost Your Entrepreneurial Instincts

Access India’s one of its kind DeepTech Labs from IIIT Hyderabad

  • Gain access to Bootcamps
    and Mentoring Sessions
  • Prepare for product pitches
    to Angel investors
  • Assess the product-market
    fit of your MVP
  • Access to Deep-tech Lab
    Facilities for 6 months

For more information, visit IIIT Deep Tech Labs page. Or contact the program relationship manager .

Fee with Flexible Payment Options

Program Option Domestic Participants International Participants
Advanced Certificate Program ₹2,00,000 $3,000
PG Certificate Program ₹3,00,000 $4,000

18-Month 0% EMI and Scholarships are available. Please contact your Relationship Manager for details.GST as applicable

Upon successful enrolment, the application fee of ₹1000 ($15) will be adjusted with the programme fee.
Fee paid is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Get a complimentary Bridge Module worth ₹25,000 to strengthen your foundations in Math and Programming for your DeepTech learning journey.

About TalentSprint

  • Deep Tech Program
    for Professionals

  • Best in Class
    Hybrid Platform

  • Industry

  • Academic

TalentSprint, a National Stock Exchange (NSE) Group Company, brings transformational high-end and deep-tech learning programs to emerging and experienced professionals in partnership with top academic institutions and global corporations. Its patent-pending, AI-powered, digital learning platform enables a perfect blend of high-end academics and industry-leading practitioner experience. Its programs have consistently seen a high engagement rate and customer delight. For more information, visit www.talentsprint.com

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

In the wake of Covid-19, the world is going through an uncertain phase. Working from home, not being able to socialize, and concerns about personal and family safety are taking a toll on all of us. We hope the situation will improve soon.

More than ever before, we now need a balance between safety and flexibility in everything we do. We at IIIT Hyderabad and TalentSprint are fully committed to safety, flexibility, excellence and timeliness with regard to all of our programs.

In line with this, we have introduced the following:

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Attend live interactive online classes by top professors from the safety of your home Practitioner's curriculum with Industry projects and Hackathons High-quality peer-learning, mentored group labs, and hackathons on digital platform Long term interest-free EMI options

If you choose to enroll for Cohort-15, these measures will give you an opportunity to continue your focus on long term goals and career objectives while retaining maximum flexibility.

You can connect with your Relationship Manager Jivin 91215 32428 / Kush 91215 40426 for more details.